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Personal Defense Academy provides firearm training of all levels. We specialize in NC Concealed Carry Handgun and NRA Training courses led by NRA Instructors. Personal Defense Academy"s Instructors have created an in the home gun safety course and it is recommended for anyone who has firearms and children in the same home.

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Classes And Services Offered

Concealed Carry Handgun Class                           $60.00                                                                               Items Required: Handgun (student's or academy rental), 100 rounds of ammunition, eye protection, ear protection, billed cap (baseball type). For the persons renting an academy handgun eye and ear protection will be provided. 

Academy Handgun Rental                                      $25.00                                                                               For the persons renting an academy handgun ammunition, eye and ear protection will be provided.

One on One Personal Training                               $50.00 for the first 2 hours $20. 00 each hour after.

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*Money Back Guarantee

Personal Defense Academy offers experienced instructors with a relaxed atmosphere. Any class conducted by our academy begins with safety, and ends with a satisfied customer. We are the only academy to GUARANTEE that after completion of the pistol fundamentals 101 course you will pass the range qualification for CCH or you get 100% of CCH course fee back! Does not include handgun rental or academy provided ammunition. 



September 16, 2017 - (L. Dixon) 

My wife and I enjoyed the class and learned so much and I would advise anyone who's buying a hand gun to take this class so you would know how to respect and use your firearm and know the laws as well. You will learn so much. And I'll say if you think you know it all trust me you don't these guys are experts at this.

Meet The Instructors

Matt Norris

Matt is a certified NRA Instructor and a certified North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards law enforcement instructor. He has over 13 years of law enforcement experience with most of that time spent training other officers. Matt instructs Basic Law Enforcement Training, and law enforcement in-service classes for a local community college.

Ed Norris

Ed is also a certified NRA Instructor and has experience with firearms from his time in the military. Ed earned his Master Degree from Fayetteville State University and has over 20 years of instructional experience.